By making a purchase on the BlockBox Webstore ( or, you agree that your payment will be used towards the coverage of costs of operating BlockBox. You agree that if a chargeback is issued or a refund requested for your payment, a valid explanation as determined by the owner of BlockBox (reachable at ) must be provided or the Minecraft account in connection with said chargeback or refund request will be banned indefinitely and non-negotiably from use of BlockBox servers. Any exploitation of features and privileges gained through the BlockBox Webstore to cause disruption of BlockBox servers or to in any other way negatively affect the experience of other players will result in a non-negotiable and indefinite revokation of the features supplied by your purchase(s) and a ban from the BlockBox webstore and potential for an account or IP address ban of the offending user from the BlockBox Minecraft servers. You acknowledge that these Terms and Conditions are subject to change at any time and without notice and that by using BlockBox services, you agree to the most current revision of these terms. You agree to hold harmless and indemnify BlockBox and all users of BlockBox services against claims, damages, losses and expenses in connection with your payment to the server.